What’s WordPress and Why Do I Need It?

What's WordPress

Recently I met with a potential client about her website. She has a website – but like so many other business owners – it’s horrible. Kudos to her for realizing she has a problem and for choosing us to discuss it with her {thank you}. Her website is 8 years old, gets little to no traffic {consumers}, is hard to use and she cannot make any changes to it herself – she has to call someone who calls someone who promptly puts a bill in the mail. It’s the perfect storm – of inefficiency.

During our conversation she said she wants a website like ours. Not really “like ours” but easy to navigate and of course – easy to find online. So naturally our conversation turned to WordPress. What it is and why she (and you) need it. WordPress is a Web-based software program that anyone can use to build and manage a website. There are many reasons you should be using WordPress, here are some of them.

WordPress is based upon “Themes”. Themes are images and layouts that make it easy to customize the look and feel of a website.

WordPress allows you to create, edit and manage new web pages and blog articles “posts” using only your web browser. No advanced code is required. The dashboard is simple to use. It works a lot like Microsoft Word or any other simple word processing software. And, as the the site administrator, you can allow different levels of access to others. This allows them to add to your website. Best of all, because WordPress is Internet based, creating, editing and managing pages can be done from anywhere.

WordPress is a fantastic platform for updating your website frequently and to respond to comments from your readers/customers, others can even subscribe to your website content using RSS [Real Simple Syndication], meaning they won’t miss any of the knowledge you will be creating. This content creation is great for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing as they thrive on fresh content.

WordPress has thousands of plugins. A plugin is an application that enhances your website’s capabilities. Want your content to be shared on facebook? There is a plugin for that. Want YouTube videos displayed on your website? There is a plugin for that too. Want to measure your effectiveness with Analytics? Yep, there is one for that too. There are many essential plugins you should have on your site.

There are many features of a WordPress website that make it so much better than a traditional “static”, “billboard” website (built and never updated again after that). WordPress is a living – breathing tool to help you grow your business. Used as a HUB, WordPress serves as a community where you can attract and engage your audience. It is easily integrated with social media tools like Facbook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and hundreds of others.

When it comes to search engine optimization, search engines LOVE WordPress. You can add regular content to your site and WordPress will let search engines know that you have just added more FRESH, UNIQUE, DYNAMIC, ENGAGING, VALUABLE content to your site.

WordPress is owned not leased. Unlike many other website providers, where you pay a fee [$30-$150 a month] for a rented space on the Internet, you will own your WordPress website if you choose us to build it for you. This offers the peace of mind knowing that your site is yours and can’t be taken away from you. Owning a site is always a better option and certainly cheaper as monthly fees add up – quick.

WordPress is video and mobile friendly. Walk down any street in America. What are people looking at? Billboards? Bus stops? Cabs? No. They are looking down – at their mobile devices. More and more consumers are searching the web for information using a hand held device like iPhone, iPad, Droid, HTC etc. WordPress is mobile friendly. Meaning, your website will look just as beautiful on a smaller screen as it does on a laptop of desktop computer. Even better, a simple plugin will strip out the graphics on your website and deliver to the consumer the basic information they need at that very moment – phone#, email address, directions etc.

Business has changed. You can choose to “push” your message out to hundreds, maybe even thousands of people that didn’t ask for it and most likely have no need for it [at that point] or you can help your ideal client find you online at the exact moment in time they have identified a need for your product or service. If you choose the latter – WordPress is the best way to go. If you choose the former, you are probably wasting money in the form of direct mail, postage and other printing related costs.

Of course, just because you build it, does not mean they [customers] will come. You will still need a healthy understanding of search engine optimization [SEO], search engine marketing [SEM] and social media [SM].

Which one is best for you? Direct mail or WordPress? A better question is, would you rather hunt all day long or attract consumers to you?

If the answer is WordPress, lets talk. Were experts.

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