What Is The Difference Between Logo And Brand?

Thumbs Up to Brand

Thumbs Up to Brand

If you are new to marketing yourself or your company online – some of the first questions you need to answer are “what is our logo going to look like?” and “what is our brand?

While we’re not branding and logo experts we do know something about of these topics and we have specialists that we collaborate with for our clients who need to develop either or both of these.

Let’s do a little exercise:

Think about the Golden Arches hamburger joint that has been around since the mid 1950′s. That’s right, McDonald’s. What comes to mind when you think about them? Believe me, no matter who you are, the chances are that you have some thought about this company’s brand.

Ok, back to reading…

As far as logo – the McDonald’s logo is a perfect example of a logo that stands out and that triggers the viewer’s mind to engage in something about the company. Oh, those two yellow arches.

Now as far as brand (pardon me if I don’t get the exact branding or mission statement from McDonald’s although I did look for it but didn’t readily find it) – the McDonald’s brand is simply built around providing a food product that is always the same no matter where in the world you visit one of their restaurants. Personally, I know that I can always get the same hamburger or cheeseburger or french fries from one of their stores anywhere I go. Have you ever found yourself saying to yourself – or to someone else – “I’m in the mood for some McD’s french fries”? This question is based on the McDonald’s brand not their logo.

The same is true for your business. Your logo can represent, and perhaps ought to represent your brand. And when people see your logo they should be triggered into thinking about you and the brand that you represent. Given this, discovering your brand is the first step you’ll want to take as you begin to develop your marketing and advertising plan.

Questions to ask yourself about establishing your brand:

What do I enjoy and what do I do best?

  • How do I like to be treated when I am the customer – what is important to me?
  • When I hear compliments about me, what do I hear?
  • What do I bring to my clients that is unique?
  • What characteristics do I see in my best clients and how do I cause and/or interact with them?

All of these questions point to your unique selling proposition – your most creative strengths in your industry.

What are your customers thinking about when they think of you? And given what are they thinking does that match what you really want them to think about you? From here, your logo can be used to help trigger your client’s brain to recognize what to expect when they call on you the next time.

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