What is an Indexable IDX?

What is an indexable IDX?When we introduced our GetFoundIDX (Sept 2011) to our clients one question that came back to us over and over was: “what is an indexable IDX?” and “why is that difference than the IDX I have on my website?”

We use the saying in our business: a real estate website without an indexable IDX is like a car without tires. While you can still move the car, you can’t effectively drive the car. The same can be said about a website without an indexable IDX – you can build your website, but you’ll have a longer way to getting it found without an indexable IDX – and getting found is one big goal of having a website.

We are surprised at how many agents have asked asked us “what is an indexable IDX?” We were surprised since indexable IDX services have been available for several years – ever since NAR allowed MLS’s across the US to open up their data bases for publication on websites.

Now, with so many agents asking the question about what is an indexable IDX we want to address another question / debate about indexable IDX and that is do you really need one and how is it different from my current IDX? We will answer these questions in several blog posts. This blog post will serve as a launching point to answering your questions about what is an indexable IDX and the next few posts will serve to answer some of the other questions we have addressed.

So on to the answer of the question:

What is an Indexable IDX?

Indexable IDX stands for Indexable (can be seen by Google and the other search engines) and IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange (in real estate this is the MLS – Multiple Listing Service). So, indexable IDX is a tool that is put on a real estate website that allows an agent to display MLS listings (homes for sale) from their local MLS, of which they are a member, on their website in a way that search engines can “see”.

If Google and the search engines can “see” indexable listings (eg: indexable homes for sale – individual property details pages of homes for sale) on your website then your website can possibly be found for those pages when a consumer does a search for the content that is found on them (eg: information about homes for sale).

While some IDX providers do have an indexable IDX service, many IDX providers still provide listings in a way known as Framed Content in the form of an IFrame. Framed content can be thought of like this: a website within a website where the host website doesn’t get credit or can’t be seen for the content that is coming in from the “framed” website.

The difference between a real estate website with an Indexable IDX and one that has an IFramed IDX could look like website A having 5000 pages findable in Google versus website B having 25 pages findable in Google.

So the answer to your question: What is an indexable IDX? Answer – an indexable IDX gives you are far larger fishing net online than an IFrame IDX. Stay tuned for our anwer to why do I need it in a future post.

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