Website Evaluations

We are constantly asked by prospective clients to evaluate existing websites. While we are happy to do so, we only offer this service for a fee. The information we provide you with our evaluation can be used by any developer to improve a website. For most real estate websites our evaluations run approximately $250.

For a reasonable fee (based roughly on page count) Pro-Found Marketing will review your site and generate a detailed comprehensive report outlining applicable portions of the following focal points:

Engineering & Structure
- User Experience

- Engineering/Design (User Experience)
- Page Layout Design

Markup & Templating (HTML, XHTML & CSS)
- SEO Compatible Markup
- Cross-Browser integrity
- Maintainable back-end structure
- JavaScript usage and degrade compatibility

Page Content
- Text and Messaging value within content
- Image quality, usage, and optimization

On-Page SEO
- URL structure
- Title structure
-  Meta Data: Title, Keyword, and description
- Page Ranking Average
- Page Pings
- Keyword analysis

Off-Page SEO
- Directories and Indexes
- Blogging
- PR Social Networking

*Custom level reports are available at a reduced rate.
(light skim of the focal point items, or hit only requested items.)

If there are specific items that are concerning, a code review can be very beneficial to determining what can be done to correct the issues. Code reviews are priced depending on site size, technology used, and complexity of perceived issues. This code review fee does not include the development cost to actually correct the issue, but all code review fees are applied to the final development cost if we are chosen to make the corrections.

If you would like us to perform a site evaluation please complete the following form: Website Evaluation



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