Should I Put A QR Code On My Real Estate Website?

Recently we got a call from one of our clients asking us what we thought of the advice they had received from a print ad marketing representative about putting a QR code on their real estate website. This isn’t the first call we have received from clients asking this question, nor is it the first time we’ve heard of marketing reps telling real estate agents to put a QR code on their website.

Now, we are never going to tell our clients that they can’t put a QR code on their site because – well quite frankly – it is their website and what they want to put on their site they can. However, it would be on a rare occasion that we would tell them that it is okay. So rare that well we can’t necessarily come up with a time where we would endorse such an action.

Why not?

It’s simple actually. QR codes are about bringing people to your website from your marketing efforts away from your website via mobile phones. Think about it, you invest in new sign riders for your listings with QR codes which when read with a mobile phone takes the mobile phone user to your website. Hopefully, the QR code was setup correctly such that it takes visitors to a special landing page on your site specifically designed for some type of offer to get the searcher to interact with you in some fashion.

Now, here’s where the QR code on your website makes no sense – imagine someone sitting at their computer doing a home search and comes to your site only to find a QR code in the sidebar of your site. What are they going to do – get out their phone to read your QR code only to end up back on your site on their mobile phone? Sure you could point the visitor looking at your site to another website or something – but why have them break out their phone to do it? Why not merely have an ad or call to action or a hyper link to the destination where you want them to go?

So that’s it. If you are wondering about QR codes for your real estate website – use them off your site – not on it. If you have a compelling argument for why you should use a QR code on your site we would love to hear about it. Drop us a line.

And one more thing.

Remember, cell phones are sacred. The only information that should go into someone’s phone is what they put in there (isn’t that how you want your phone respected). If you are going to use a QR code that includes a VCard, you should (at the bare minimum) tell consumers what will happen when the code is scanned.

I have scanned a few QR codes with a VCard in them and felt almost violated to find out that someone’s info I don’t know almost went into my phone without warning.

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