How To Install Google + Button On WordPress

Google plus WordPressGoogle Plus is receiving a lot of attention lately. There is an ongoing debate, the topic – Is Google + a facebook killer? Some guru’s say Google + is just another social fad while others say it is the real deal, one that will change social networking AND SEO now and in the future. Why? Because Google continues to change its algorithm to be more social. Make NO mistake about it, social media is not a fad, it is another way to engage customers and help your product or service get “found” online. Personally – I like Google + more than facebook, at least I do right now, one reason – businesses and brands have not entered the fold of Google + yet which means – no selling – Yea!

I like Google plus, I think it offers a legitimate platform for those sick of the constant privacy changes on facebook and the SPAM. Personally, I think it is a better platform for those that really want to be social and still control what their friends can and cannot see. Google plus allows me to “start over” and control who I am friends with and what they can and cannot have access to. I proclaimed This Time I Am Doing It Differently.

When it comes to getting found online, Google+ is an asset for real estate agents partly because of it’s exploding user count and easy to understand sharing tools. One of the great things abut Google + is “Circles”. Circles makes it easier to control what your friends can and cannot see, which means having 4000 real estate agents in your network is now a good thing – for networking.

How To Add Google + Button To Your WordPress Website



Google + is quickly becoming a force, it’s important to do your best to create content that your friends, past, present and prospects would find interesting, engaging and worthy of sharing – this is not always real estate listings.

Clients of PRO-Found Marketing will receive detailed instruction and help installing the Google + button into their WordPress websites

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