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Real Estate Video MarketingAre you using it yet? It being Video? Video is a fantastic tool for helping you get found online, IF you know how to use it. Real Estate Marketing continues to change in response to the shift in consumer behavior. Postcards and Direct Mail have been replaced by WordPress and Video.

Real estate is not only emotional, it is visual as well. This explains the huge increase in video marketing in the real estate space. Because 80% of what we say is expressed through our body language it is important that you have a valuable marketing message that is delivered professionally.

To do this you might use a script. Wither it be written down on a piece of paper you reference or on stickies it is important that you keep your message on point. Unlike a blog post, when you have a brain fart on camera, everyone can see it. This is where a teleprompter can help you stay on point. You can go to Google, Ebay or to look for a teleprompter but I found you a better option. A free option. A FREE Online Teleprompter.

The FREE Online Teleprompter is great for your budding real estate marketing video career. Simply write your text, select color, size and speed and you are ready to read like the next Brian Williams or Jay Leno. Now all you need to know is HOW TO make engaging, valuable videos AND get them ranked within search engines for your ideal client to find. As luck would have it, we have an answer for that as well. Please fill out the form below.

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