Why You Should Upgrade To Facebook’s New Profile Pages

Updated Facebook Profile

Just when we get comfortable with facebook they do it to us again.  Another change, or rather upgrade.  Today it was a new profile page.  Beginning today you can upgrade your profile to the new, or as I call it,  enhanced profile.  Now, before you run off and upgrade be warned: It doesn’t appear you can go back to your original profile once you upgrade so check out a friends first before you take the plunge.

At the top of facebook’s new profile page you will find a summary of who you are. Information like where you went to high school, college, major, degree, what you like, languages spoken, marital status, who you’re married to, where you are from, where you currently live and work.  Recent photos you were tagged in are prominently displayed to show your peeps what is going on in your life.  These photos are only visible to your friends or those you allow access to, Facebook says “Your privacy settings have not changed. Only people you’ve allowed to view photos you’re tagged in will see these photos.”

No more tabs

“To the left to the left, everything you need is in a box underneath your profile picture to the left” The Old School tabs are gone, left in their place are links to your wall, info, photos, notes and of course, your friends.    Friends are now listed in a row on the left, this row stays on the left no matter where you navigate to or from.  The upgrade now gives you the opportunity to share a friends profile with your friends.

To upgrade to the new facebook profile follow the link below.  You will be prompted to include additional information about yourself and your likes including favorite television shows and movies, sports you play, your favorite teams,  favorite athletes, and people that inspire you.

All in all I think this new profile is more engaging.  Once I got past the feeling that someone had “moved my cheese”, I liked it.  I think you will too.

Click on the link to take the guided tour of facebooks new profile


Oh yea, there is another change coming to a profile near you, “Facebook Questions”.  Facebook Questions will become helpful to ask and answer questions from your friends and other experts. More on that later.

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