Facebook Fan Page Alerts-How To

A facebook fan page AKA Business Page is a great resource for our business. We use inbound marketing strategies to get our clients, small to medium businesses found” online by consumers looking to learn more about them, their business/service or industry. A facebook fan page AKA business page is an integral part of our clients online marketing program.

We use our fan page as a hub for engagement with our clients and potential clients. We post all kinds of suggestions to help our clients grow their business, save time and/or money. How ironic that we post subjects related to saving time, when we have to waste our valuable time constantly checking our fan page for comments or questions from our clients. As forward thinking as facebook appears to be, why they neglected to add a system for comment or post notification is beyond us. Maybe its because fan or business pages were originally designed for large corporations, where a constant stream of comment notifications could be overwhelming. Regardless, once they opened business pages to everyone, they probably should have included a notification method. In a business where service is everything, what does it say about us if we don’t respond to customer or consumer comments in a timely fashion? We Google’d “Fan Page Notifications” and found nothing but countless others complaining about the same thing. Come On Facebook!

Finally, a solution to our problem has arrived.

Introducing HyperAlerts. The feature Facebook forgot. HyperAlerts will send you an email minutes after someone posts or comments on your fan page. Page administrators can also choose to receive a summary of activity on their page every hour, day, week or month if they prefer. HyperAlerts is in public Beta and is not affiliated with facebook.

The best part, – it’s totally free!


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  • profound on February 15, 2011 at 3:34 pm says...


    Nice.. Thank You for the info MyTitleGuy

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