Facebook Deals: How To Steal Customers From Your Competition

I would consider myself a techie kind of guy. We are marketing professionals, it’s in our best interest to learn all about the latest and greatest tools to help our clients grow their business, or rather-ATTRACT more business. These days, business is more about getting “found” than it is convincing someone to go out of their way to try your product or service.

I go to Google or Facebook when I am looking for something. I bet you are the same way. We are on facebook, twitter, linkedin, wordpress, youtube, vimeo, vidler, foursquare, the list really goes on and on. I know why I use all of the networks I use except one. Foursquare. I admit it, I jumped into foursquare when everyone else was because I didn’t want to be left behind. Technology often revolves who was there first and gobbles up as much online real estate as possible. I honestly didn’t get what the benefit to me of “checking-in” at any particular location, I guess I just did it. Judging from the fact that only 1% of people use location based services like foursquare and Gowalla, many others felt the same way. For business’s on foursquare, it was obvious. Anyone checking in at their location would effectively broadcast “hey, I’m at so and so” which would help a business stay top of mind or develop some sort of brand awareness.

It doesn’t look like I will have to figure out Foursquare anymore though as it appears foursquare’s days are numbered. Facebook’s announcement on Wednesday of Facebook Deals renders foursquare almost useless. As I mentioned before, when I would check in on foursquare I didn’t see a lot of value for me. Sure, it was cool to tell people where I was or had been but whether or not I was the mayor of this Starbucks or that one was irrelevant to me. Now, If I could have saved some Green, Dead Presidents, Paper, ….Money, that would have been a total different story. Facebook Deals does just that. Starting now, when I check-in on Facebook Places, Facebook will find nearby deals based on location and display them to me. So, If I am checking-in at a pizza restaurant, and facebook displays a “deal” from another restaurant in the area maybe even from another pizza restaurant, which one do you think I would choose? And that my friends is the future of location based marketing.
From the Facebook Blog: “Finding deals near you is easy. On touch.facebook.com or the latest version of Facebook for iPhone, touch “Places” and then touch “Check In.” Nearby Places with deals have a yellow icon:

When you touch the Place, you can view the deal and check in to claim it:

Then, just show your phone to the cashier to get your gift or discount:

These deals come from merchants, not Facebook, so check with your local stores for additional details, such as when they’re running, how many of the offers are available, and whether a deal is just for you or also for your friends.”

The announcement of facebook deals is significant for forward thinking businesses.  This tool, and it is a tool, will allow them to effectively steal each others clients (secretly). Major retailers such as JCPenney, Macy’s, Harrahs, McDonalds, Chipotle, Gap, H&M have already lined up deals with facebook. In this economy everyone is looking for a deal, how ironic that facebook should call it exactly that. Now more than ever, your marketing needs to be of value, relevant and easily accessible. Facebook Deals only magnifies the importance of a social media marketing plan.


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