About PRO-found

PRO-found Marketing was founded in 2010 by industry professionals. We help PRO-fessionals get “found” online. We believe that getting “found” doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg.

The Internet has transformed the way consumers learn about and shop for products/services. Years ago, businesses reached their target audience through postcards, magazines, flyers, door to door, cold calls, trade shows, TV, Radio and other outbound marketing methods. Today, the overwhelming majority of consumers start their research or purchase experience on the Internet, using search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and social media tools like facebook, twitter and YouTube. Never before has it been possible for a small business to compete with a fortune 500 company, the Internet has leveled the playing field, IF you know how to use it.

We use Inbound Marketing tools like Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (both ON and OFF Page SEO) Blogs, Social Media, PPC campaigns Landing Pages, Video, etc. to get our clients “found” online by consumers looking to learn more about you, your product/service/industry. Is your website mobile ready?  Because of the dramatic shift toward mobile web use, we optimize our clients websites for use with mobile devices like iPad and Kindle and smart phones like iPhone, Blackberry and Droid. We also offer a full range of web development and web design services. We bring your customers to you.

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"In less than a year I have created over 150 new clients. I never would have believed it. I can't thank you enough."
"Before I started with Pro-Found I had no Paid Mediations from my website. Now I get 4-6 new clients every month."
"I have heard many horror stories about getting a website online. Thank you for making it painless."