76 Million Reasons To SHIFT Your Marketing

Before making any serious decision, most people do some research, usually on the Internet, They carefully evaluate information looking for reasons (PRO and Con) to do or not do something. One reason is ok, two is good, three+ is excellent. What would 76 Million reasons be? A slam dunk.

Here are 76 Million reasons to shift your marketing. Amazing, but these reasons can be summed up in 2 small words. ECHO BOOMER. What is an Echo Boomer? Echo Boomers, are commonly referred to as Generation Y, Millennial Generation, Millennials, Generation Next, Boomerang Generation, Peter Pan Generation, Trophy Generation or Net Generation. The generation following Gen X, 76 Million+ strong and born between 1982–1995, Echo Boomers are characterized by an increased use and familiarity with communications, media, and digital technologies. Echo Boomers have access to more media on demand than any generation before and are forcing all industries to adapt to a new business model.  Who do you think this ad is targeting?

It is estimated Echo Boomers are responsible for over $200 BILLION in annual spending power. Conventional marketing techniques will not only be less effective with this generation, it will most likely not be seen. Ever. This is because Echo Boomers speak their own tech savvy language. Echo boomers prefer to communicate via the Internet, social media platform or cell phone, only not the way you may first think. Any parent of an Echo Boomer can attest, a phone call usually goes unanswered while a text message is almost always returned-immediately. Over 90% of echo boomers use their smart phones to surf the web. Customer service is imperative to this generation as they value immediate gratification.

If you plan on growing your business you would be best served to learn how to be found by this generation and their buying power. Echo Boomers are excellent at finding things. Because they spend so much time on the Internet-Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc it is imperative businesses learn to communicate and be “found” by this generation. This is where PRO-found Marketing can help. We are a full service Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Company. We help PRO-fessionals get found online LOCALLY, where your past, present and future clients are-in mass.

We use websites, landing pages, squeeze pages, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, keyword research, back links, video and social media to bring your customers to you.

What can we do your your business? Let’s Talk.

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